January 28th, 2017, 12:50 am

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bomango November 19th, 2017, 12:51 am
Friday update time!
Generally speaking, it's not often people are faced with the possibility of literal monsters. Even when we thought such things existed somewhere just out of sight or in the dark, deep places of the world, the dangers--or "monsters"--that we faced in reality were much the same as the ones we face today: survival, crisis, other people, etc.

But humans have an odd relationship with danger. Even when instinct tells us to be concerned or fearful, and logic insists on an explicable conclusion, curiosity and speculation take the reins somewhere in the middle. This seems particularly true when the "monster" isn't breathing down your neck, and all you have to go on is hearsay and strange evidence.

Andy's conundrum here is one I see in lots of places. It's understandably easy to doubt your senses, or to try and rationalize or deny your perceptions when what they tell you is unsettlingly surreal or seemingly hyperbolic. And it's easy to casually or jokingly raise the specter of absurdity or speculative possibility. But to believe what you see and express it with conviction is...well, for one thing, it invites the possibility of looking foolish. But it might also shift reality.

And that's a little scary.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading :)