To the Wall

August 18th, 2017, 1:17 am

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From the Author
bomango November 19th, 2017, 1:18 am
Top o' the Friday to you, good folks!

Something I've noticed, when being faced with writing these comments to go along with posts, is that I'm often at a loss with what to say--particularly when the post is of a single page.

Back when it was much more common for me to post short story comics or joke strips, it was considerably easier to plop down a paragraph or two about the goings-on with the piece in question. Whether my rambling was interesting or not, it was a simpler matter to do so. But with individual pages like these, where each page doesn't narratively stand alone, it's harder to give commentary.

But hey, that's just an observation, not a complaint :)

This was a pretty fun page to do, even if it ended up taking me longer than usual in spite of not a lot actively going on in it.

Like a lot of comic artists who are primarily invested in drawing characters, backgrounds aren't something that come naturally to me as a priority. Sometimes that's okay, because you don't always need them, or need to render them in excruciating detail. But sometimes they let you pull back and feel like there's a world around your characters that's bigger than them.

...sometimes so big, that being a little critter hiking up a huge flight of stone stairs makes you rethink your stubborn refusal to be carried.

Anyway, THE WALL OF HANDS! Why are we here? A reasonable question. Stay tuned!