This Old House 3

July 31st, 2019, 9:17 am

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From the Author
VanHeist July 31st, 2019, 9:17 am
For the moment, Gogo has charitably given Didi the helm, and that’s a fairly big deal, but spare a thought for ol’ Uncle Roy here...

In the space of an hour or two, Roy has entertained a proposal from his nephew Andy to rent a vacant apartment to a rather strange young woman of few apparent means, who has appeared out of nowhere, eaten a troubling amount of pancakes (and syrup), and Roy has also thrown this stranger straight into the job of renovating a dilapidated old house. There has been very little discussed in the way of statistics—like rent, wages, paperwork, identification—and if that all seems a little reckless and irresponsible, that’s because it kind of is.

I think that’s why Roy’s hustled Gogo/Didi over to the job site on the quick; this might all be a stupid idea, and it might be better to get things moving first, and ask permission from “the boss” afterwards. Or it’s just possible (let’s be realistic, here) that Roy realizes that he’s hastily agreed to a LOT of things for the sake of the exotic, young, noticeably fit and pretty lady, and it MIGHT just be better to keep her busy (and out of sight) while he hammers out how this is all going to work. Just sayin’.

Not that any of this seems to have occurred to Gogo—or to Didi, who seems quite satisfied with the situation, and eager to have a project to occupy her right off the bat. And it’s nice to have projects to take your mind off existentially troubling things, like fierce Kaiju combat or the implications of warping across worlds.

Surely such things can wait for now.

Heh heh…