Halcyon Days of Yore by VanHeist
June 7th, 2019, 6:35 pm

I present to you the finale of the remastered “Halcyon Girl” story arc from the Bomango tales of yore, made possible and made beautifully by the efforts of Jordan Haro (aka DeadTom22, aka Bard71) and Sandra Espinoza (aka @DustyOldRoses), and featuring Cris King (@CrisVODude) and Gen Sherard (@gennysherard). If you’ve been watching this series up to now, I don’t need to tell you how enjoyable it’s been, but the team really brings it home here in the finale.

The conclusion of this story is something I’ve hardly ever revisited since originally finishing it a few years ago. It has a few goofy moments here and there, but it’s an unusually direct and emotional series of moments that was kind of a stretch for me at the time, and I had mixed feelings about how raw it felt to me. In a comic that features a big, often obnoxiously raucous gal like Gogo and a fuzzy blue critter that says “Hams!” all the time, going “serious” to wrap up the storyline felt like more of a risk or even a potential disaster than it might have been.

So when I watched and listened to the final cut of this series, it was almost literally the first time I’d visited the story since I made it. Jordan and Sandra gave it such a punch as Andy and Gogo that it was hard to watch at times (in a good way). And Jordan directed it in such a way that brought out the atmosphere around the characters in a beautiful mix of sound and visual. It may not be as fun and silly as many of the episodes that lead to it, but it’s a masterfully done performance of a finale, and I’m thankful for it.

I hope you enjoy! And thanks again from the bottom of my heart to Jordan and Sandra for this amazing series. I’m so grateful for what you both have brought to Bomango :)


- van