December Update! by VanHeist
December 19th, 2017, 10:14 am
Quick mid-December update:

Two things crystallized for me a day ago:

One was that, having finally watched Episode 7 of Star Wars on Saturday night, if I didn't see The Last Jedi on Sunday night, I wouldn't get much of a chance to do so until 2018, so I did. (It was immensely enjoyable, and overall I had a refreshingly Star Wars oriented weekend.)

The second was that I hadn't made enough progress on various things over the weekend to squeak in a Monday art/comic update today, and with 6 extra hours of overtime on the schedule at the ol' warehouse today (and more on the way between here and the holiday weekend), more updates aren't going to be easy to come by.

And so, to readers, followers, Patreon supporters, and disciples, if I have any, if you don't see any updates over the next week, never fear. This busy time of year WILL end, and when all the food, festivity, or irritatingly oversized work shifts are over and there's nothing to look forward to but the icy dead of Winter, I'll be there on the other side figuratively hammering away on more art and stories.

Of course, if I have the time and space to do so, I'll post more stuff before January, but for now, look to the New Year for a formal return to action. There's a boatload of new Patreon art, comic pages, and...well, probably a bunch of other stuff waiting to be unleashed. I'm sorry to ask you to wait for it, but those of you who are working their asses off at this crazy time of year are sure to understand, right?

So until then, we work, celebrate, and hopefully have the energy to do both, and once again, happy holidays to each and every one of you!

- van